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Road Markings play a significant role in the safety of road users on today's highways. Designed to provide clear delineation and to warn of potential hazards, road markings are an essential element for road users. Thermoplastic is a hot-applied road marking compound for the creation of highly reflective strips of roads with long-term performance.

Middle East Road Marking holds expertise in offering Hot Thermoplastic Road Marking Services. Our creative team of professionals has rendered these services according to the clients’ requirements using latest technology adhering to the prevalent trends of the industry.

Middle East Road Marking caters to your highway marking requirements, offering a combination of Screed and Preformed Thermoplastic marking with our in-house installation teams together with Extrusion, Profiled Markings and Road Studs.

We use White and Yellow Thermoplastic Paint & Glass Beads for the marking services. The high quality and durability of thermoplastic markings & also the improved excellent reflection properties at night and day and even in wet conditions make it a material of choice for road marking. Moreover, thermoplastics can be used to achieve additional security features like delineation with an acoustic and rumbling effect.

Along with the marking using equipments, Middle East Road Marking offers professional and high quality thermoplastic hand marking services also. A self-propelled purpose built Road Marking Machine with computerized line/space device is used for marking. We have Truck Mounted Mobile Melter that allows us to install thermoplastic at the highest quality, efficiency and safety. We also have many hand thermoplastic melters for the installation of specialty markings such as arrows, letters, stop bars, crosswalks and hatching.